Unique edutainment interactive exhibition can besides creating
unforgettable moments change lifes by discovering talents


From events to sustainable educational exhibitions – passion for emotion and moments rules

Since 2003 we live and create with focus on overlap, long term effect and positive footprint in everything we do – events, fairs, exhibitions, teambuilding, roadshows or any other form of life marketing. As of 2015 we have built sustainable exhibition for shopping malls, events or even parties where we built on experiences gathered from thousands of organized events. We live for emotions, we live for meaning, we live for passion. Passion for moments.



Discover the world of television and movie

Experience the movie and television studios live! Interactive educating and entertaining exhibition for youth and families with kids brings many various interactive workshops for discovering and development of talent. Make your own personalised movie, try acting, and become a star in your neighbourhood shopping mall.

Take part in organised tours, where group directors open the door to the world of movie and television and let you know latest technologies in movie making.

You will pass through costume studio, where you get a costume to continue to mask yourself in virtual make up studio. Later you proceed to dancing studio with animated characters followed by movie making studio and dubbing studio where you can try your acting talent and create your own movie. Experience the moment you will never forget.




Become a star exhibition in your shopping mall

Become a star exhibition is a unique and effective way to attract customers from wide surrounding and increase footfall in your shopping gallery or event.

Through creating a positive emotion and experience, you impact target group´s future decision criteria towards point of purchase.

Exhibition is organised in cooperation with local TV partner, for appropriate media support.

Key outcomes:

  • Experiences and emotions for families and youth which create emotional linksIncreased footfall in your shopping mall
  • Impact on decision criteria
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Personal recommendations of your current customers towards new customers
  • Media support and PR
  • State –of –the-art technologies
  • Emotions
  • Experiences
  • Platform for participation of local tenants
  • Flexibility and scalability to awake low-footfall areas in your shopping mall



Discover the interactivity and educational dimension of exhibition



Eye-catching entry gate welcomes visitors and catches their attention. Whenever a visitor passes through gate, colourful LED stripes blink.

Front side LED panel invites to participate. Clapboard-shape sets the theme and through info-panel tells a story about clapboard and their meaning in moviemaking.




Registration desk is a heart of exhibition. Here all visitors get information, costumes, accessories and certificates after completion. It serves as a cloak room for staff as well.





Make up room opens the world of actors preparation for moviemaking, roles and scenes. Through virtual make-up augmented reality application, visitors can add various features on their head, like mustaches, glasses, wigs, hats and can change shape of their face. Pictures can be done and sent through email to each individual visitor or saved to the group webprofile. Physical artefacts from real makeup rooms accompany computers in small vitrines.




Static exhibition about stars, history and famous content from local TV partner – e.g. lifestyle sets of pictures from shooting of famous local series.

Zoetrope – replica of historical animation appliance shows visitors the principles of analogue animation used in the past in black&white movies.

Artefact Wall offers original artefacts from local series presented in 5 illuminated vitrines.

Photo-walls for visitors to shoot stars-like pictures for themselves.



In Dancing Studio visitors explore another television technology, while dancing together with animated cartoon character and watching themselves in the same time. Marks on the ground show them where to stand. Outcome video can be sent to individuals via email gathered or uploaded to a group profile on the web.





Green Wall technology is a base of the movie studio. Visitors jump directly to a fairy tale, or localised program based on TV partner, e.g. local News, Weather forecast to try to act. In fairy tale male visitors fight off dragon, who endanger female part of group, showing their emotions like fear or happiness after the victory. Other visitors watch the outcome on the outer side of the stand. Videos can be sent to individuals or uploaded to a group profile and downloaded later from the web.




Dubbing studio consists of two rooms – recording studio and sound director. In recording studio visitors record voices to either videos shot in Movie studio, or short previews of the TV partner production. IN sound director´s part visitors play with sound effects and try to improve or modify the voices from recording studio. Records are either sent to email or uploaded to group web profile.





Final stage of the route is a real stage. Visitors are asked to think what they learned on the exhibition and show few seconds of their talent. Through star shaped gate with linking LED stripes they approach the audience and feel the reality of stars. Studio Live is also widely used for accompanying events as a main stage for speaker.





Cute little house with TV and toys, plenty of chairs and tables for the youngest to draw, play or watch the kid programme from the TV partner.



Flexibility and scalability for your shopping mall

Concept of Become a Star exhibition brings flexibility of setup in various types of indoor spaces. Based on your possibilities and needs exhibition can be built in one of three packages where partial setup with lowered amount of interactive stands come as an option for smaller shopping galleries. Take the opportunity and bring some of the stands in places where you need to increase footfall or awareness.




Attractive accompanying events


Through attractive accompanying events you support and build increase in regularity of customers’ visits. Add extra emotions and program through endless possibilities coming of cooperation with local TV partner. Use the potential of well-known faces and the power of TV to organise strong events.



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